RANT to the parents, coach and players at a recent park league basketball game. One of the teams was clearly better than the other outmanned team, but they continued to “pour it on,” all the while laughing and joking with their teammates. This was all done with the urging of their parents, and no guidance to tone it down by the coach. This was a terrible example of sportsmanship set by the adults, with no regard for the young players on the other team. It was, in a word, appalling!

RAVE to Lisa at Safeway who kept me grounded when I locked my keys, phone and purse in my car while loading $250 worth of groceries. I just sold my house and I’m moving soon, so my stress level was at the max as my groceries melted. She loaned me her phone and we found a steel stick on a display case that my son used to open the car. You’re lucky to have her, Safeway!