RAVE to the generosity of the 12s and Sounders fans who supported our fundraising efforts this year outside of Century Link. Your donations are helping cancer patients and funding cutting edge research at Hutch and UW. A cure for cancer is possible with your help.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the customers at my retail job who were polite and upbeat during the busy holiday season. Rant to the handful of meanies who were rude. I hope you got coal in your stocking!

RAVE to the wonderful couple called Sarah and Ken, total strangers who realized no cabs were available to take us home to Burien after a late train arrival at Tukwila Station near midnight last month. We are an 80-year-old couple, and in the pouring rain they helped squeeze us and our luggage into their small car. They, with their friendly old Labrador, Sally, drove us home to our condo. Unbelievable kindness which my dear wife and I will never forget. I hope we meet again. I would love to repay that kindness.