RAVE to the good Samaritan at the Bellevue PCC who found my wallet that I carelessly left in the restroom. A few minutes after I realized what I had done, I raced to the office and found that the wonderful staff there had just locked it up in the safe. Many thanks to the kind soul who turned it in and the gracious staff who secured it. Wow! A Christmas blessing!

RANT to the supermarket on Bainbridge Island that allowed holiday shoppers to pack the store. They decided weeks ago that there was no danger of exceeding the 25% limit and stopped counting. I saw dozens of customers shopping in pairs and whole families in the aisles. If both parents are present with their kids it’s clear that the shopping could have been handled by just one of the parents. A second rant to these customers who ignored the pandemic. The virus doesn’t take the holiday season off.