RAVE to the two unknown kind souls who helped me recently. Stupidly, I must have left my wallet and a letter to mail on the roof of my car one day before driving off. The first kind soul found my wallet beside the road somewhere in Bellevue and returned it to my neighbor as I was out. The second kind soul found the letter some days later, I think, in the gutter, soggy and soiled after a rainstorm, then dried it out and mailed it. The letter was to a 94-year-old friend of mine who is very deaf and cannot hear me on the phone. They live on the other side of Seattle, isolated during this pandemic. We write to each other as our only means of communication. A heartfelt rave and thank you to these two kind people!

RANT to the inconsiderate street-racing community in the East Hill/Panther Lake area of Kent, and the noise pollution they cause. Grow up!