RANT to Styrofoam. On my daily walk in Queen Anne, I see, pick up and dispose of several handfuls/armloads of plastic foam chips and box liners. Retailers, please consider other packaging options. Fellow citizens, please dispose of these materials in bags so they don’t escape to the street.

RAVE to all the people who planted the tulips that are now so very beautiful in our neighborhoods.

RANT to those who discard their disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves on the ground. Who do you think has to pick these up?! The essential workers for whom we claim to be so grateful. Learn how to properly remove/invert gloves and find a trash can.

RAVE to the neighbor whose 25-foot-tall outdoor Christmas tree is gloriously lit every night. It brings a smile to my face despite our isolation and the sad news each day brings.