RANT to my neighbors in West Seattle. On a recent walk, I’d say more than 50% of the sidewalks were impeded. Cut back your hedges, bushes, trees and flowers. That sidewalk should be wide enough for two people to walk on together and not divert to the parking strip or street!

RAVE to my rescue cat, Irma, for spicing up my solitary existence during these times of imposed isolation. Her semi-wild nature makes her unpredictable enough to break the monotony of routine, and her purr is like an auto-massage for my soul.

RANT to the closure of bathrooms in retail establishments. Many elderly people and those with conditions think twice about going out, causing further isolation.

RAVE to the Mill Creek postal worker who took the time after hours to follow me home to open my locked mailbox which was jammed full of mail. What a wonderful public servant!