RAVE to the employee at ACE Hardware on Roosevelt for not only helping me pick out the appropriately sized flapper for my toilet, but also telling me of potential pitfalls. Two minutes and $16.51 later, my mission was accomplished. With your help, I aced that DIY project. Many thanks.

RANT to the player who stole my partner’s winnings at the casino. We are seniors and love to go to Muckleshoot. We go once a month. My partner has Alzheimer’s, but still likes the casino. We spent over three hours there the other day and when we were cashing out and getting ready to leave, a player near us took off with my partner’s winnings of $58. I hope bad karma gets him. I was right there and am really good about keeping an eye on things, but this one got me. Of course my partner doesn’t remember he had a winner, but I do and it’s just not fair.