RAVE to all the sewers who have made masks for the community, friends and family! Some new to sewing, some have not sewn for many years. A big thank you for providing masks to keep us safe.

RANT to the manufacturers of containers (mainly plastic) who make the recycle number so tiny that it cannot be read. I truly want to recycle as much as possible and find it very frustrating when the indicator is so small that I have the choice of putting something inappropriate into my recycle bin, or dropping an item that could be recyclable into my trash.

RAVE to the Kingsgate, Kirkland Ospreys that are rebuilding their nest on the power line pole that was torn down last year. They won’t be denied their home.

RANT to those who think, “I’ll do what I please because it’s all about me.” I’ll keep wearing my face mask to save you and possibly me.