RAVE to the man who got out of his truck to help an injured deer on West Beach Road on Whidbey Island the other day. As I was slowly driving by it looked like the man helped the injured deer to the side of the road and soothed and stroked the shaken animal. Wish we could all show that kindness to each other.

RANT to those in Discovery Park who walk and run toward oncoming walkers on the trails without a mask. The person you are endangering and forcing off the trail onto uneven ground is a 71-year-old experiencing the rare bliss of being outside in a beautiful, restorative place.

RAVE to the two young USPS truck drivers whom I saw delivering mail to residences in our Eastlake neighborhood after 9:30 p.m. recently. When I thanked them, one said they wanted to do their job right and were grateful to have jobs.