RANT to the drivers at the Burke-Gilman Trail crossing on 30th Avenue Northeast and Union Bay Place Northeast next to University Village who speed up to get past oncoming bicyclists and pedestrians instead of stopping. This is a busy intersection with many small children and families on the trail — you save yourselves just a few seconds but you are putting our lives in danger.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to all those loving dog owners on Phinney Ridge. Rant to how they have turned the playfield at North 59th Street and Phinney Avenue North into a mud field as they have adopted it as their private off-leash park. BTW, there is a real off-leash park down the hill in Lower Woodland you might try.

RANT to those that thought it was a good idea to replace disposable plastic grocery bags with reusable plastic bags in stores. I am now one of many who now throw away more plastic than ever before as I am not disciplined enough to reuse grocery bags.