RANT AND RAVE Rant to Amazon. What are you thinking? I have received three packages this week in nonrecyclable plastic bubble bags. It shocks me to think that one of the largest companies in environmentally-aware Seattle cannot think of a better way to wrap packages than in materials that will degrade the planet. Your already abundant profits are not worth the price that will be paid around the globe as we dump your packaging in landfills. I am a Prime member. I love the convenience you offer, but not at the cost of my grandchildren’s future. Until you are willing to deliver products in more environmentally respectful packaging, I will order nothing more from Amazon. Rave to Starbucks for paying men and women equally and for your active recruitment of a diverse workforce. I’ll be giving Starbucks gift cards to many on my gift list this year and rejoicing that I can pick them up rather than having them mailed in plastic bubble bags.

RANT to neighbors who leave “free” old furniture or other unusable items on my corner parking strip. No one wants your junk, especially after it’s been sitting out in the rain. Be a good neighbor and pay a junk-removal company to haul your trash away.