RAVE to kindness. My 92-year-old husband and I (age unknown) enjoy having lunch at Applebee’s in Bellevue when our son can take us. The other day, they were short staffed, so the manager took our order. He was very welcoming and talked with us for a bit. One thing he asked was how long we had been married (72 years). Lunch was great. When our check came, he had paid for our lunch himself! Then, as we left, he had someone at the stairs and the doors to see us safely out. What a great treat for two old folk!

RANT to organizations which I support with yearly donations that hound me constantly for more money through mail, email and phone calls year-round. They send me urgent renewal notices monthly and will not stop. Complaints fall on deaf ears. They hope I’m a forgetful senior and will send yearly membership dues every month!