RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation for getting Medgar Evers Pool back open. They showed an amazing amount of flexibility in cobbling together online registration from existing software that was clearly not intended for this purpose and a safe means of operation that allowed many of us to get back into the water. They even went through user accounts manually and found a way to link to my old swim card. One downside … workout benefits were somewhat negated by proximity to Ezell’s Famous Chicken.

RANT AND RAVE Rave for Seattle’s wonderful summer activities (Seafair, Solstice parade, Folklife, Bumbershoot, etc.) being offered “virtually.” Yes, maybe it’s better than nothing. But rant to the fact that, in the same amount of time, I could tour Armenia, dive to the ocean’s depths or visit Mars — all online as well! And anyway, the biggest draw of those summer activities is sharing energy and emotions with like-minded souls.