RANT to the winners and losers of the recent elections and to their campaign supporters. Shame on you for not being held accountable in cleaning up your mess of posters supporting your candidates and issues! They are strewn all over the downtown Bellevue area, especially Northeast and Southeast Bellevue Way. I walk regularly on those streets and see the accumulated garbage from these elections. These politicians or local government should be held accountable and not greedy to have this garbage picked up after the elections are over. You ran for public service.

RAVE to the gardeners who leave out their surplus fruits and vegetables to share with the neighborhood. I made a delicious “free zucchini” soup.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to people who take friendships seriously. Rant to friends who never reciprocate. How many invitations does it take for you to initiate getting together. No wonder I don’t contact you any longer.