RAVE to the wonderful gentleman at the Renton Fred Meyer. He noticed that I was taking advantage of the sales by buying a full classroom set of notebooks and composition books for this fall. He asked if I am a teacher. When I confirmed that I am, he thanked me for my service and purchased all the notebooks for me. I cannot thank him enough. He has inspired me to “pay it forward.”

RANT to fragrance. Why is sunblock lotion made in such cloying fragrances? I’m sure I would find it less of an obligatory ordeal to apply these things were they to be scented with more pleasant aromas, such as essential oils and the like.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to city engineers for outstanding progress reports! Rant to whoever’s in charge of the finishing job on the new pavement on Delridge Way. It’s very bumpy and rough, has to be the worst ride in the city!