RANT to households that use their backyard fire pits on warm nights. They add carbon to the atmosphere, force neighbors to turn off their fans and close windows and endanger people with respiratory illnesses. Not surprisingly, people often place these fire pits near the property line, closer to neighbor’s houses than their own.

RANT AND RAVE Rave┬áto all the new walkers! It’s great fun seeing you out in the neighborhood.┬áRant to all the walkers who forget to walk facing incoming traffic. With all the new walkers, we’re constantly zigzagging across the street and back. Also, you can’t hear the electric cars coming up behind you. Be safe!

RAVE to the honest lady at the Woodinville Costco parking lot who noticed I dropped money as I walked to my car. I had cashed my rebate for the year and for an 80-year-old on a fixed income, that is an important sum of money. Thank you, dear lady.