RAVE to the workers who maintain the lush flowering medians on 148th N.E. in Bellevue, going north from N.E. 29th. The rose bushes planted there so many years ago have been cared for meticulously and reward us all summer long with their beauty.

RANT to people who use the speakerphone on the their cell phones in waiting rooms, supermarkets, elevators, etc. Your fellow citizens don’t want to hear both sides of your personal conversations at 90 decibels, especially the tinny audio from your phone. Please hold the phone to your ear and minimize noise pollution.

RAVE to all the wonderful and loving parents that are spending quality time with their children during the pandemic! I see parents not glued to their phone. I see parents engaging with their children! That is what you always need to do! They rely on you! Put the phone down and keep it down! Show your children, always, how much you cherish them!