RANT to a local plumbing company and the incessantly annoying repetition of its TV ads. I recently had a plumbing problem, so I called a competitor.

RAVE to the anonymous person who mailed my driver’s license back to me. Because gyms and trails have been closed due to the lockdown, I have been running in my neighborhood. I must have dropped it somewhere along my run, and they were kind enough to pick it up and return it to me. In these challenging times, I truly appreciate the compassion they’ve shown. In gratitude for their actions, I will pay it forward by making another donation to the Issaquah food bank.

RANT to business owners who aren’t watering their outdoor plants. Whenever I leave home to get essentials, I see plants, shrubs and small trees turning brown, dying for lack of water. We need to be reminded of their beauty and care for life. Keep your storefront green, please!