RAVE to the couple who were playing music in a field in upper Seward Park. I was walking my dogs and enjoying the beautiful morning when the surprising sound of music filled me with joy. We could all use a little more joy.

RANT to the grocery store that charged tax on a cheesecake, which is a food item. Their reasons? “It’s a nonessential food item.” (So Twinkies now are essential?) And because: “It is a prepared food purchased at our deli.” Next time, I’ll forgo an item made by a small company and head toward the mass-produced Sara Lee cheesecake.

RAVE to passerby Colleen, the personnel of Pacific Medical Centers Northgate, the EMTs and the ambulance service personnel who promptly, professionally and with understanding helped my wife when she took a bad fall in the parking lot. It was a frightening, painful incident for her — she’s now spending a few days hospitalized — but these people were angels on Earth.