RAVE to the veterinary clinic that cared for my small dog when I couldn’t find a vet anywhere, including my own, that had the time for him. The folks in White Center were so kind and helpful and offered concerned care for my little buddy. He is fine now and we are very thankful.

RANT to Seattle Public Utilities and the Department of Transportation for allowing a Ballard apartment complex to place six dumpsters on the street six days out of every week in a no-parking zone adjacent to a crosswalk, blocking driver visibility to pedestrians. Apparently convenient waste collection is more important than pedestrian safety and the city’s Vision Zero goals.

RANT to all the real estate agents who leave the lights on 24 hours a day. After showing the home to perspective buyers, please turn the lights off. They don’t need to be on all night shining in our bedroom. What a huge waste of precious electricity day after day.