RAVE to Elli at a U District grocery store. After I fell in the street, she took great care of me: first-aid help, replaced my broken bottle of olive oil and ruined shopping bag and added some flowers to improve my day. The irises are looking lovely!

RANT to the rental scooters blocking the sidewalk in front of my house. After I moved the scooter out of the way, another scooter appeared parked diagonally on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians into the street. Sidewalks are for pedestrians not a free parking space for scooters.

RANT to every driver who thinks the Interstate 5 carpool lane has no speed limit! I’m very tired of drivers on my bumper trying to push me to go faster. You may be able to absorb the costs of a ticket, an accident or the resulting increase in insurance cost, but I can’t.