RAVE to employees of Alaska Airlines and the TSA for the patient and friendly treatment at Sea-Tac Airport as I recently took my daughter to college for the first time. We were really nervous about flying with a fragile musical instrument, but everyone involved was truly kind.

RANT to the e-biking dad with a kid carrier going 10 mph in the middle of Beacon Avenue South, causing a two-block car backup to make some sort of statement. We don’t need your attitude in this city.

RAVE to local municipalities that use reflective buttons to supplement nonreflective paint most often used for lane striping in this area. Lane striping is often worn and faded and becomes nearly invisible on rainy nights.

RANT to people who adopt aggressive or unsocialized dogs and do not train them properly. A leash is not enough. Socialize and train them to live in a social setting. It can be done.