RAVE and many thanks to the staff and crew that serve so valiantly at Overlake hospital in Bellevue. During my stay of 12 days and nights, I experienced the utmost in loving care, consideration and professionalism. The entire scene was constantly filled with glowing examples of teamwork, selflessness and character. We need to hear more about all the healing and goodness that’s occurring in our regional hospitals every day! Positive medicine for the mind, as well as the body. A truly great example for the community and the world.

RANT to more bicyclists. Seems like Bellevue is filled with newbie bike riders, turned out in new snazzy outfits, fancy expensive bikes … all oblivious to any cars surrounding them as they wobble down the middle of a road! Four-lane streets don’t stop them — they throw dirty looks at cars slowing down to a crawl so they don’t kill them! But the thoughts are there!