RANT to America’s health care system. My primary doctor joined a “concierge” group at my local clinic. This group provides “amenities” that include 24-hour access to doctors by mobile phone, home visits, hospital visits, guaranteed same-day and longer appointments, no waiting room delays, and free parking. That is, if you can afford the $300 monthly fee in addition to the regular charges. Now I have to change doctors.

RAVE to Riley and the folks at a local auto care business next to University Village for checking and correcting the pressure on my tires after the warning light came on as I was driving home from work … they were near closing and took care of me for no charge. 

RANT to the people, businesses and politicians that place lost dog, help wanted and candidate signs on poles and in grass parkways. The election is over! The dog is lost! Please remove your signs, they are a visual blight on the city.