RAVE to the many people who stopped to ask if I was OK or needed anything when falling off my bike left me bloodied and feeling sick and faint. Extra-strength rave to the woman who asked if she could get me anything at the nearby grocery store. After a few minutes I was able to ride again, my faith in my fellow West Seattle Islanders reinforced.

RANT to MLB teams for broadcasting what seems to be canned audience noise so loud at each game. You don’t really see that many people making that much noise and it’s very distracting and annoying.

RAVE to the man who paid for our fabulous desserts at a Briar pizza spot. We were surprised and grateful and we will pay it forward.

RANT to the commercial that starts with loud screeches from a smoke detector. It sounds like my own smoke detector and sends my two cats running for cover. Stop, please!