RAVE to Seattle Fire Department first responders. I’m fortunate in my 78 years to call 911 only one time and that was mid-August this summer. I’m so appreciative of the rapid and kind assistance I received. My adult, disabled son fell in the tub while showering and was unable to get up. He fell against the bi-fold doors, jamming the track. I was not able to open the doors to assist him and I knew I could not lift him, if necessary. The responders were quick, efficient and successful. The ordeal ended well with no injuries and the shower doors intact. I’m so grateful.

RANT to the city, City Light and property owners who don’t take down trees hanging over wires and when they come crashing down, the rest of us are without power for 24 hours. I’m sure it costs City Light a bunch for the repairs they had to do on Harbor Avenue the other day.