RAVE to the man in Wedgwood who brings treats for his canine friends on this daily walks . He has his regular furry friends and meets new ones every day. He gives out treats to about eight or 12 of them every day. When the dogs see him, they start wagging their tails and tugging on their leashes. It makes the dog owners smile and the puppies happy.

RANT to the uncaring, mean person who stole my disabled parking placard from my car. I’m elderly and use a cane, sometimes a walker, and need to park in the accessible parking spaces. I had to go to the DOL office to get a replacement. In these busy times, it was a big inconvenience. I hope you enjoy the parking spaces!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the people at a four-way stop, other intersections or merging lanes who are courteous and wave you to go ahead. A big rant to many of these people who have tinted windows on their cars preventing me from seeing any motion coming from behind the window.