RAVE to the person/persons who found my lost check in a parking lot and mailed it back to me. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for our family, friends and our countless blessings. I was deeply touched by one such random act of kindness which appropriately happened during this season. We lost a check and looked all over the house, but couldn’t locate it. We forgot all about it. I was surprised to receive the lost check in the mail today. Some good Samaritan found the check in a parking lot between Tuesday Morning and Bartells, picked it up and mailed it back to me. Such honesty and integrity. Whoever you are, you are truly an angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

RANT to the woman who took her little dog into the ladies restroom at Home Depot. It’s bad enough you feel the need to take your dog into stores, but you also put it on the baby changing table in the handicapped stall. You didn’t even have the courtesy to clean the muddy paw prints from the table afterwards. That table is for human babies, not your mutt. Leave it at home.