RAVE to Seattle for trying to improve pedestrian safety by giving pedestrians a leading walk interval (allowing them to start crossing the street several seconds in advance of the green light).

RANT to joggers who insist on running in the road when there’s a sidewalk literally next to them! Also, rant to those who run early in the morning before it’s light out, without any reflective gear on.

RANT AND RAVE to the business on Elliott Avenue that provides a fair amount of free public parking as part of the garage built for their employees, allowing easy access to the waterfront’s scenic Centennial Park. Rant to people who are employed nearby and park their cars in this lot while they are at work. A friend and I like to meet there, but recently had to find a different place to walk because the entire public lot was already full at 10:30 a.m. It is extremely frustrating!