RAVE to our tap water here in the Northwest: so tasty and healthy. In all my travels I have never tasted better. Who needs bottled water when it’s this good?

RANT to whatever genius came up with “fork split” English muffins. At best, they make a crumby mess when you try to separate the slices, one half sometime breaks and they almost never split into two equal pieces, resulting in the dreaded uneven toasting. Who thinks this is necessary or even a good idea? Sandwich bread, burger, hot dog buns and pretty much every other breadlike product is perfectly usable with fully cut slices. Please, slice them completely through already, or just leave them whole and let me take my own chances.

RAVE to the casinos that have gone smoke-free. It makes for a cleaner, healthier way to contribute and not go home smelling like an ashtray.