RAVE to the two school-aged girls who were picking up litter at Magnuson Park the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They said they do it at a different park each Sunday for an hour or two! Wish that more adults were this responsible.

RANT to the hatred in our world. Everyone is discriminated against — rich people, poor people, Christians, Muslims, Jews and any other religion, immigrants, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone tried to make their own little world better and stop blaming someone else for their problems?

RAVE to the West Seattle community. I was awkwardly helping my wife out of our car in front of a laundromat and a fine young woman rushed out in the downpour and assisted. Similarly, when we returned, two fine young women ran out in the continuing deluge and safely got my wife in. We are still somewhat new to our infirmities and being able to ask for help, so this outpouring of humanity made our day very sunny.