RAVE to the kind, resourceful driver who quickly angled their car to block the two northbound lanes of Bothell Way Northeast near Lake Forest Park Town Center during a busy Friday afternoon commute so that the mother duck and her scampering retinue of tiny yellow ducklings could hustle in safety across the road and head for Lake Washington. And another rave to all the other drivers who patiently waited for the little procession. It brought a smile to all of us bus riders who were waiting to cross the road ourselves.

RANT to the woman who yelled back at me that her dog-poop bag was biodegradable, after I saw her throw it down a ravine where people walk. Rant to me for not running outside to ask, “Just how fresh is the poop going to be after the bag biodegrades?”

RANT to whoever controls a local radio station’s commercials. How long will we have to hear the same host make the same comments about teachers? I wish l had a dime for every time l have heard another talk about health problems.