RAVE to calm parents. Sea-Tac Airport was chaos, with long lines, abandoned luggage stacked three deep, dogs barking … and in the midst of all of this were families with small children. Calm parents, obviously exhausted, quietly entertaining their little ones to keep them content. I hope you finally got the good night’s sleep you deserve! 

RANT to the Department of Licensing for charging a 3% service fee to renew my tabs online using a credit card. Fine. Instead of using a low-cost automated system, I’ll just send in a paper check and let you spend the labor to process that!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to all those businesses who fail to clear all their sidewalks of snow and ice. You won’t clear it; I won’t get there to shop! Clear front, side and back if you have sidewalks on all three sides. Rave to those who do this.