RANT to the Vashon ferry commuters who show no common courtesy to local traffic. Offloading traffic doesn’t pause for locals turning off Fauntleroy. I’ve waited 10 minutes to turn onto my street. People lining up on Fauntleroy to load do not honor the stripped no-wait zones causing congestion and blind spots. The majority of commuters coming from the south commit illegal and very dangerous U-turns. I’ve had several close encounters of being broadsided by unaware, careless and selfish drivers. I really hope they close the terminal and send it downtown.

RAVE to the man who delivered coffee to us on Thursday morning as we waited in the rain outside the Social Security office in Burien.

RAVE to King County. Our cul-de-sac had two years of compressed fir needles and cones. King County Road Services cleaned it up today. Excellent job! It’s the cleanest it’s ever been. Thank you.