RANT to trucks on Highway 522. From the giant pickups tailgating everyone, lunch garbage flying out the back, to dump trucks not covering their loads and dropping rocks out the back. 

RAVE to Annette, a fellow customer attending the Labor Day sale at the Seattle Children’s hospital shop in Redmond. We chatted while waiting for the doors to open. I gave her some helpful advice. Once in the store, I traded randomly drawn discount tickets with her. She knew that I was interested in hard-to-find clip-on earrings. As I was browsing, she came to me and handed me two pairs of clip-on earrings which she’d purchased for me. That was so kind and thoughtful! I am very grateful for her choice.

RANT to the prerecorded elevator message in the Space Needle which refers to “THE Puget Sound.” As all locals know, it is just “Puget Sound.” Seattle’s premier attraction should not be guilty of this rookie mistake!