RAVE to ferries. I love living a block from the Fauntleroy ferry — it’s like having my own private access for crossing the Sound. The traffic is a nuisance, but being able to avoid the downtown ferry terminal is worth it!

RANT to King County Metro. We can’t get our bus back in service in West Seattle, but Metro can provide a bus for hikers? Are you kidding me? We really, really need route 53 put back in service.

RAVE to Bruce Harrell and his One Seattle Day of Service. We didn’t join a formal project but went out to our local city streets and collected multiple bags of disgusting detritus. Go, Seattle!

RAVE to the gentleman at a sporting goods store in Marysville, who turned in my lost ring on May 12. The ring is made from my father’s and grandfather’s wedding rings and is very sentimental. Thank you so much.