RANT AND RAVE Rave to the already-stressed staff at my wife’s skilled nursing center who take the extra time to coordinate Zoom meetings between their patients and family members. Rant to those families who insist on a particular schedule for the conference, and then are no call, no shows. Your selfishness takes urgently needed caregiving time away from residents in need and of course, is a huge disappointment for your family member.   

RAVE to Lois and The Shed Boys. Lois invited them to play on her Portage Bay houseboat deck. They provided a free Saturday afternoon concert that was enjoyed by paddle boarders, kayakers, boaters and swimmers who just happened to be passing by. It was a pandemic rainbow.

RANT to the hikers that blasted their music at Sunrise on Mount Rainier. Especially nowadays, people are hiking to escape loud music and enjoy the beauty and serenity that hiking offers. Use your headphones!