RANT to all the people who think it’s OK to touch a stranger’s baby without permission. Recently, a nephew was at the store with his 1-year-old son. Two ladies came up and one of them reached out and put her hands on him. My nephew told them it wasn’t OK to touch his child and they got offended! Seriously, people? There is a deadly virus out there and you did not even ask if was OK. But you’re offended? Keep your hands to yourself!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Seattle International Film Festival for cultivating a thriving and appreciative film audience in Seattle. Rant to Cinerama closing down with the passing of Paul Allen. Can’t an agreement be met to save this fabulous venue?

RAVE to the cabdriver who found my glasses in the back seat and left them in a baggie on my front porch. It was so nice to not have to buy new glasses and to have them again after a particularly rigorous trip overseas.