RANT to the coyote repeatedly caught on surveillance video swiping The Seattle Times’ print edition from my Lake City driveway. Is this wily character’s literacy self-taught or attributable to humanoid upbringing? How did it become a newshound? Must I rise before 4 a.m. to claim my paper before it makes its rounds shortly thereafter? The allure of newsprint is apparently irresistible to wilder creatures than I.

RAVE to Peter Boal, Pacific Northwest Ballet’s artistic director, for his selection of three exquisite contemporary dance pieces in “Plot Points.” I was on the edge of my seat watching these performances, which were truly groundbreaking in their choreography, set design, music and costume. Bravo, PNB, you are a treasure! 

RAVE to the University Burgermaster for the gorgeous display of spring flowers — tulips, daffodils and hyacinths every year — and beautiful displays every season of the year.