RANT to an increased interest rate. I got an email from an unnamed local credit union informing me that “Your interest rates have been increased (by 1/4%).” Upon close reading, the rate increase only applies to the first $500 of your savings account. It certainly does not apply to one’s checking account or anything else. Talk about two-bit misleading statements.

RAVE to the good Samaritan who found my credit card I had dropped while walking around Green Lake, and called my bank. By the time I discovered it was gone, I already had a voicemail message from the bank that the card had been canceled and replaced. Thank you so much! 

RANT to the national well-known burger chain that now charges $1 for a cup of water with food! With the incredibly high prices for a simple burger from this chain that advertises about great specials on TV, this is such a slap in the face.