RANT to Snohomish County Public Utility District. We expected a minor tree trim over wires prior to professional arboreal work. Crew arrived at 7:05 a.m., waking the neighborhood. They proceeded to hack up an entire tree that we planned to remove and left huge sections of trunk and limbs that blocked our home’s water main and public fire hydrant. We’re in our 70s and cannot afford the extra money to clean up your mess.

RAVE to the seven hardworking real estate employees who spent three hours cheerfully weeding, pruning, mowing and cleaning our yard. We are elderly members of NEST (North East Seattle Together), an urban village for people of a certain age. We are enormously appreciative for all the weeding, sawing, snipping, trimming and scooping. I wish I could remember all the names. I do remember these: Patrick, Willa, Towns, Tamara, Christof and (I think) Mark. Equal gratitude to you all.

RANT to the sole admin of a local “free” group. As such, this person is the first to see the offer and generally the first person to ask for the item.