RANT AND RAVE Rave to all the pickleball players who love to play the game. Rant to players who liberally give unsolicited advice to others. Those of us who may not be as accomplished players as you already know what we’re doing wrong and are trying to improve. When you constantly point out what we’re doing wrong and tell us what to do, we become so self-conscious that we play worse. So please hold your piece unless you’re specifically asked to give advice. Thank you.

RANT to local radio hosts — rather than give huge congratulations to the Seattle Sounders for their Championship League win they instead decided to spend the majority of their coverage criticizing the game of soccer and soccer fans for enjoying the game. With all the negativity in the news this week it was very unfortunate they all choose to vent their personal feelings rather than take the high road and offer a heartfelt congratulations — after all there were over 65,000 of us at the game.