RAVE to the unbelievable kindness we experienced at Swedish Medical Center. My dear wife and I are both 80. My wife has early Alzheimer’s and I am visually impaired. We had a hard time finding Jefferson Tower at the hospital the other day. Quite worn out after a long search and about to give up and return home, a sweet lady approached and asked if she could help. It turned out that she was an interpreter/translator at the hospital! She looked at our appointment details and insisted on taking us to our destination. She walked with us another 10 minutes and waited until we were cleared to enter the hospital. She insisted on staying with us until we reached our specialists’ office. I will never forget her kindness beyond belief! It left us with a wonderful feeling to have had the privilege of meeting such a person and some hope for the future that things will improve in these crazy times. The staff at the hospital were so kind to us, too. Quite a day to remember