RANT to a lack of restrooms. I could not find a restroom when I went from the Eastside to Sea-Tac Airport, taking the bus to the light rail through Husky Stadium on a Wednesday morning. The stadium wasn’t open. The hospital refused entry. I’m 67. Who failed to plan these things?

RAVE to the driver of the Mexican food truck who showed a high level of road respect to cyclists during the recent Flying Wheels Cascade Bike Club event as it wound through North Bend. Despite some unwarranted and irate honking from an impatient driver you remained cool and respectful, ensuring safety of all road users on the narrow town streets. Your care and composure was admirable.

RANT to people who use loud mowers and power tools incessantly at the dinner hour. The weather is finally nice and we want to be outside enjoying our yard. You might be wearing heavy hearing protection, but what about us?