RAVE to all those who have dutifully navigated a difficult system, rolled up their sleeves and willingly took the COVID-19 vaccine. I celebrate your diligence and commitment to doing what it takes and contributing in any way possible, including being vaccinated, to get our world back to its new normal. Get the vaccine however you can, whenever you can and wherever you can. And yes, keep sharing your good news on social media as it encourages others to do the same.  

RANT to the Internal Revenue Service for losing track of me. I had worked and filed tax returns for 60 years. Because my only income in 2019 was Social Security, I was not required to file a 2019 income tax return. As a result, I did not receive the $600 stimulus payment, and I was required to file a return for 2020 (when it was not required either) in order to receive the delayed stimulus payment as a “refund.”