RANT to the motorists who use the parking lot at Glo Cleaners as a short cut so they don’t have to wait for the light at the corner of Northeast 80th and Lake City Way Northeast. Beside being illegal (crossing a double yellow) they endanger customers walking outside my storefront. Someone almost became a hood ornament last week. Wait for the light!

RAVE to city of Shoreline’s Earth Day program in April. This year, they had the program with five webinars: Reduce Waste, Safer Cleaning, Compost Food Scraps, Climate Change and Grow Your Own Food. The whole program was well organized, well explained and easy to follow. There were also gifts of compost pails, safe cleaning kits and vegetable starters available for pick up at the City Hall by those who registered for the programs. The city of Shoreline aims to foster people’s mindfulness of a environmentally friendly and self-sustaining lifestyle. Way to go, city of Shoreline!