RAVE to our neighbor for weeding our road and keeping it clear of invasive weeds and looking like the best-kept road in West Seattle! We appreciate your efforts!

RANT to those who fail to at least wear a mask strapped low, ready for full coverage upon proximity to others. Otherwise, whether you care or not, assume your common sense is being questioned.

RAVE to the Seattle Storm! Need I say more?

RANT to our neighbor who regularly mows his lawn on Sundays around dinnertime, disrupting the peace and quiet of his neighbors. He’s not going into the office during the workweek and could easily mow his lawn when it’s less disruptive or inconsiderate. Not the end of the world but certainly an unnecessary irritation. 

RAVE to the landscaping job on the east side of Frink Park. What was an overgrown slope collecting litter is now a beautiful, newly planted hillside. It couldn’t have been easy!