RAVE to the person who found my credit card that fell out of my pocket at the Fourth Avenue Costco! I didn’t realize I had lost it until I got home. I called Costco and sure enough, they had it. Thank you for your honesty and thanks to the Costco staff who held on to it until I could get there! All is not lost! Good people are everywhere!

RANT to the inconsiderate neighbors in our new neighborhood. We love Leschi, however there is a neighbor several houses away from us who disregards their neighbors. There’s an alley that many of us have our garages in that these renters/owners park a car or truck in and unload or leave for a couple of hours! Now, we all are in quarantine and these neighbors have power washed all of their cars and loudly power washed their driveway, totally disrupting dinnertime. We can’t enjoy our meal on our deck with the noise!