RAVE to the wonderful woman who saved my 90-year-old body from falling on the steps down from the Fifth Ave matinee on Friday. She then offered her arm for the rest of the way down. I hope I thanked her enough for her help.

RANT to lazy drivers that drift onto the right shoulder on the curves when heading down the Kent Des Moines road toward Des Moines. There’s no sidewalk, and pedestrians walk on the paved shoulder, including kids. Pay the minimum amount of attention to your driving that it takes to keep your car in the traffic lane before you hurt someone!

RAVE to Marymoor Dog Park for waiving the parking fee for the holidays!

RANT to whoever underlined, circled and penciled in notes in a library book. What were you thinking? That subsequent readers were interested in your opinion? I don’t think so. Using pencil instead of a pen and writing in a poem by Robert Browning does not offset the damage you did. If you must deface a book, buy your own, mark it up and leave library books to the rest of us.