RAVE to the Totem Red Mill Burgers employee who patiently walked me through the online ordering process with encouraging words, thumbs up and praise for my positive attitude and perseverance on a sunny, busy Friday. I had fun and a great lunch.

RANT to funeral homes who don’t provide their prices online. With COVID-19 deaths rampant these days, why do you require me to walk in your door to find out the cost of a funeral? The last thing I want to do is leave the house to get that info, and you’d probably prefer me not having me walk in your door just to get a price. Just put it online and let me know!

RAVE to my niece (baby Gracie, 3) and nephew’s (baby Ryan, 2) daily Instagram posts from Hawaii!┬áSeeing their pure love for the most simple pleasures in life and for each other has been the highlight of each day during quarantine.